Here we are - the last day of the February Photofest and I have had such fun posted all the images.

This last photo is hot of the press - I took it this morning, with the threat of snow imminent. I was thinking that Wellies are really perfect for all walks of life. They are great in the rain for splashing around in puddles. In the snow they will grip the ground and with a nice thick pair of socks keep your feet warm and dry. In the mud, which I seem to across a lot, they let you squelch along without worrying you are ruining a nice boot or shoe. The rubber boot is a good life choice ;-)

Day 28 February Photofest ~ Country Life

Wellies ~  good for so many life choices

Here are all my Feb Photofest images in one place

Life February Photofest


Mrs Fever said…
Rubber boots are probably the one type of boot I have never owned. I saw an adorable pair of rain boots recently though, so I suspect that will change. :)

Congrats on completing FPF!

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