Here I am in my wonderful wellies again - although the boots are almost camouflaged by the hedge and grass -and I have thrown in a white shirt too ;-) The hat is one of my many winter trilbys.

We only took this yesterday so its as fresh as the daffodils...

Red Hat for Day 23 of the February Photofest

Wellies, White Shirt and Hat

Take a look at another shot of me in a white shirt

Hat February Photofest
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Cousin Pons said…
What a delightful view May. It must have been cold yesterday so well done posing for this exquisite shot.You look splendid in that white shirt and hat and your bottom is just so hot. Of course lovely to see the wellies again.xx
May More said…
It was bloody freezing but we just had a little bit of sunlight so could not resist it - all in a days work - you know ;-)
Submiss34f said…
What a wonderful shot. Looks freezing but fabulous - hat, shirt and boots are definitely a winning combo!
Elliott Henry said…
An air of mystery surrounds this photo, the pose, angle of shot, why the boots, state of undress a familiar shirt maybe, and the hat is new and different for this woman, why, what is she telling us (if anything), is she the mistress of the manor, or an interloper, burning questions all, looking for answers.
May More said…
Elliott do you not remember my wellies from my "moors" shots?
Marie Rebelle said…
Sexy image! Love this!

Rebel xox

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