I am a bit of a sucker for a tight leather jacket...

Leather Jacket on February Photofest

Just learned that Twitter are bloking all adult blogger accounts if you post with a .co.uk ending. You can edit the end to be .com and the URL gets tweeted. feb

Read about Shadowbanning on Twitter

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Leather February Photofest


Nero Black said…
Great photo May, I like it! I’m gradually developing a fuller image of you in my head - I might even recognise you at Eroticon!
Is the .uk thing because of the new pornography laws the UK have passed? Maybe social platform don’t want to get caught up in that mess?
Anything leather...mmmmm
A perfect biker jacket! if you ever make it to Chicago area...bring the jacket and i'll take you for a ride on my Harley...oh boots too :)
Elliott Henry said…
You can always move to the USA and do twitter, May, I can probably find a room for you. And just think, you could stop off on your way and go for a ride on Cat's bike. Love the jacket.