This photo looks OK but it went into the reject pile as far as publishing it for Sinful Sunday or in a post on my other blog-  as my nipple is not alert!

Reject Photo February Photofest Day 10

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#SoSS for #Febphotofest2018

Here are some of my favourite Photofest images from the last 10 days that I want to share. Check them out...

Mrs Fever - Day One - Fun long sock image.

Kilted Wookie - Day 9 - He looks fab in his boots.

LSB - Day 9 - This is an amazingly strong shot.

The Other Livvy - Day 9 - Gorgeous boob shot here.

Butterfly (sincerely yours) - Day 1 - Beautiful Portrait.

Mrs Scarlett -Day 8 - Fabulous body shot.

Reject February Photofest


Mrs Fever said…
I'm a fan of non-erect nipples. It's their natural state (when warm), and nature is a lovely thing. :)
Kilted Wookie said…
All boobs are good boobs and, well, you know I'm a sucker for a sensual B&W photo.

AtiyaLuv said…
I think that is a gorgeous image!
But I know exactly what you mean, I take tons just to pick that perfect one.

Thanks for the mention! I feel so honored!!
*squeals happily
Elliott Henry said…
I happen to think that this photo is just fine. And I happen to be an excellent judge of cleavage and all things beast.
Marie Rebelle said…
I actually like this image :)

Rebel xox
I see nothing wrong with this image, lovely. I can relate to the nipple not cooperating, lol. That's usually when I give it a tweek or pull ;)